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Ligue 1 Lacazette returns to Lyon with a winning goal

Lyon defeated stubbornly resistant newcomer Ajaccio 2-1 at home in the opening match of the 2022-2023 French Football Championship (Ligue 1) on Friday evening, which took place two exhibitions.

Alexandre Lacazette (centre) receives congratulations (Photo: AFP)

Barely ten minutes have passed since the opening, and the first goal of the tournament has already been scored: Jamil’s serve on loan from Sstar has been crowned. summit, The Brazilian hit the ball from Alexandre Lacazette in the upper right corner (1–0). The goal is here!

Ten minutes later, Tite was about to score his second goal, but the Corsicans saved him – albeit illegally and inside the penalty area, creating the opportunity. lacazette, To return to his old team with a goal. The striker was also ruthless, pounding the penalty kick into the left side of the goal (2–0). The goal is here!

Some stats: Alexandre Lacazette scored his seventh goal in the first rounds of the French League, to become the record holder in the French League in the twenty-first century, catching up with Molot Erdink and Dimitri Payet. (foot stats)

As the match started from Lyon’s point of view, the unexpected turn came quickly: OL’s routine goalkeeper Anthony Lopez really saved for Monem El Idrissi’s departure, and the end was a penalty shootout and a penalty kick – and the end result was a goal. Thomas Mangani Veteran Remy Riot, who scored, quickly opened the scoring, and converted his 12th penalty in a row. (2-1). The goal is here!

The beautiful goal he scored in the 31st minute and his circumstances bothered both sides, four players received yellow cards in a short period of time – including Lacazette, who immediately found himself in the middle of a very sharp attack, as the new captain of the team. Red appeared again in extra time for the first half: this time for guest player Roman Homa, who a few minutes before received the first yellow card for a fight with Lacazette, and then the second for hitting his elbow Lucas Paqueta. The show is here!

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This was Hama’s first tournament in an Ajaccio jersey, and since he has spent the past 10 years at OL’s arch-rival Saint-Etienne, Lyon fans have not, to put it mildly, regretted his sacking.

Compared to the whirlwind of the long first 45 minutes, the second half was uneventful, but goalkeeper Rio, who returned to Lyon in May after 15 years, had the opportunity to show he can still be counted on with an impressive feat. .

Practically speaking, he arrived as an “eternal reserve”, having already received a card in the first round: on the eve of his 35th birthday, he was able to defend an OL goal in a league match for the first time in his life, and they won – what a gift of fate!

French League 1
First round, Friday match
Lyon – Ajaccio 2-1
(Tite 12, Lacazette 22 – from 11, or Mangani 31)

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