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Lindsey Graham wants someone to finally try to kill Putin

“Is there Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian army? There is no end to this unless you have someone figure it out. You can do a great service to your country and to the whole world.”

Influential Republican Senator Lindsey Graham wrote this on Twitter, urging someone from within the Russian government and military to attempt the assassination of Vladimir Putin. Brutus, of course, refers to the assassination of Julius Caesar, and Colonel Stauffenberg to the planned but failed assassination attempt on Hitler.

Lindsey Graham.


The South Carolina senator, who has been a huge Trump supporter, first appeared on Fox News with this call, then certainly posted it on Twitter.

And in doing so, he did what now seemed almost impossible: He brought not only the American right and left, but the American and Russian governments to a podium.

Everyone was upset about Graham’s call. Representatives of the Russian government described the senator’s words as criminal and anti-Russian and demanded an explanation from the US government. From left to right of American politics, several senators and representatives have condemned Graham’s post, saying it could spark world wars. The White House commented on the matter, saying: “We do not support the assassination of other Russian leaders. This is not US policy.” (guardian)

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