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Lipstick Magdy asked her fans to help solve the twins

Good two weeks He can go home Majdi lipstick With her children, Lujzi, Keva and Zalán, from the hospital, but they haven’t stopped for a moment. Although not far betrayalShe died exhausted, she doesn’t want to complain, she also gets a lot of help and enjoys motherhood with all its flaws. Magdy then revealed that she breastfeeds the babies every three hours, and now it turns out that she breastfeeds them, which is quite a challenge with so many people, which is why she is doing everything she can to keep this condition like for as long as possible.

The singer asked her followers if they had any good little tricks besides vitamin supplements that could help her.

“Now we’re just really involved with the vitamin process. I feed three kids out of my body so I have to be on the lookout. What are you suggesting, what don’t you even think about yet is so important?”

Ask on InstagramAnd fans were happy to share their experiences with him in the comments section. And if you’re curious about the runner-up because you’re expecting a baby, you’ve just given birth, or you’re just interested in the answer: broth, adequate rest, and plenty of fluid intake. Secrets of a lot of mother’s milk.

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