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Listen to the sound spread across the surface of Mars at two different speeds!

Sounds travel a shorter distance due to the planet’s thin atmosphere.

Since landing on Mars more than a year ago, NASA’s Perseverance Rover has been recording the sounds of the Red Planet with its microphones, including strong winds and the roar of an innovative helicopter penetrating the atmosphere. These recordings helped scientists discover that sounds spread differently on Mars than on Earth. Writes Engadget.

in nature magazine In their published study The researchers said that due to the thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide on the Red Planet, sounds spread more slowly on Mars, and the pitch affects their speed more. On Earth, sound usually travels at a speed of 1227 km/h. However, scientists on Mars have found that deep sounds travel at a speed of about 860 km / h, while high tones travel at a speed of about 958 km / h.

If we were to visit Mars, you would hear the loud noises a little earlier. Sylvester Morris, lead author of the study, told AFP.

Sounds also travel shorter distances due to the planet’s thin atmosphere. Sounds that fade away at a distance of about 65 meters on Earth will stop on the surface of Mars after only 4 meters. This will make it difficult to have a conversation with someone who is only five and a half meters from us. To illustrate this, NASA has created a page where we can test the behavior of various familiar sounds under Martian conditions.

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