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Little Devil Inside Gameplay Tutorial – PlayDome Online Gaming Magazine


The longest demo of the latest state of the game has been submitted to Neostream Interactive.

10/29/2020 15:54 | Greg | Category: game

State of Play’s latest release is specifically made for games made for smaller third-party studios for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Of these, Neostream Interactive Made in the charming kitchen of the studio The little devil is inside, which received a longer demo for the game.

Little Devil Inside is an action-adventure game set in a strange Victorian-like world. We are in the dawn of industrialization, but the world is inhabited by all kinds of monsters and other mysterious life forms. Players team up with a college professor who specializes in paranormal events to uncover these often non-serious cases.

For the first time, the developers have introduced the game world and travel map in the new gameplay view. From a bird’s eye view, we can guide our passengers on a huge 3D map where we occasionally fall into various events along the way. Most of these problems can be solved without leaving the travel map. This can include refueling the car or driving a flock of sheep off the road.

But sometimes, we need to get a little closer to direct control of Billy, the hero of the game. In this case, we can already control our character in the TPS view, with which we can perform all kinds of actions. The developers promise that in addition to completing the missions, we will be able to explore the game world completely freely, using different vehicles or even a donkey. At the same time, the makers have also revealed that this won’t solidify the camp of the kinds of games I make quickly, and we’ll really appreciate it only if we really dive into it.

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Little Devil Inside is gearing up for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and it’s expected to be released sometime in 2022. ■

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