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Live broadcast of the hero against Germot «Üllői út 129.

Off-season begins at 3 p.m. Come on, Freddy!

Germot 1-2 Ferencvaros
Objectives: Bassi, Civic

It’s over, we said goodbye to the successful season.

92 Home is almost equal
Dvali relieves stress with clearance

91 another feat for your hips
Redzic’s pass was fired by Sigér, who bounced off a defender, so it would be really dangerous, but the goalkeeper from Gyirmót pushed him off.

90 minutes up.

Marquinhos went to the gate, not being attacked, so he shot the short bottom, a bit wrong.

84 substitutions on both sides: Nagy – Kovac and Lonkar – Zakariassen.

82 yellow cards
Redzic got it because he shoved his cannon in front of his head.

80 will equal Gyirmó
They came 2 for 2, but Wingo put the ball next to Bogdan, it was a great save.

78 of!!!
Marquinhos puts a superb ball into the empty area as Civic arrives and beats struggling Rusák, great kick, 2-1!

78 House exchange: Medgyes – Simon.

77 angle
The ball passes over our player trying to advance twice.

74 more exchanges: Pacey and Zubkov Down, Liszt and Markinhaus V.

71 corner of the house
It is made in small pieces and then administered and released.

67 Side Lalo
Bassi runs off the edge and then bounces off Zubkov, Alex shoots well past Rusák, but his shot is unfortunately not accurate.

65 He Dare Guermo
They really attack on whatever grounds, they play well, we had to block two of them, and then Bogdan had to defend a corner kick so that they wouldn’t advance.

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62 We exchange: Marin and Javrich fall, Reddic and Seger on.

62 Giirmót v
Which ended with a goal but it is invalid because the ball passed from an ambush.

say 57
We had a corner kick, then Jermo could come, at the end of their attack, and the king of the goal, Varga, hit a turn into Bogdan’s net from inside the sixteen.

say 53
Russian defenders…

52 your head again
This time Zubkov defends a shot – Civic gets into the corner, and Rusak will also catch it.

49 stops
Passi’s shot first bravely caught Rusák, then Loncar’s shot went through – and Szegi was given a yellow card.

46 Resume the match
He’s replaced three of Gyirmó, and we’re not exchanging one.

Halfway through, we played at a serious field advantage, and Gyirmó barely got the ball, but we couldn’t live with our situations for long and eventually we managed to score through Fortune – it looked like the match was off.

45 + 1 of!!!
Lunkar passes to Zubkov and Alex annoys Bassy and hits Rusak 1-0!

45 Hosny tries again
Once again, the player from Gyirmót turned away, and Bogdán easily embraced the ball.

45′ 1 minute on top.

43 yellow cards
To Hasani – then Marin raised the free kick, and Bassey’s head was in Rusák’s hand.

41 ′ Guest Sector “We Hate Everyone!” Amuse yourself in minutes 🙂

40 Undead shots
Medgyes do a trick inward and then roll long to the side.

38 corner of the house
We got into a pass – a small run, and the ball was finally thrown.

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32 We’re in our position again
He shoots at Zubkov, bounces off the ball and slows it down.

say 29
Momo turns it from 17, he goes to the middle, so that Rusak can stop him.

26 please
5 of 3 we take it to the defense, Marin shoots to Wingo, Henry shoots, Rusak puts it in the corner. There will be no parking from Marin’s corner.

24- Loncar!
Bassey escapes with a start to Marin, then plays to the next Stjepan, who, after two tricks, targets the long distance from an acute angle, but his inside shot turns outward, so he hardly goes next to him.

21, home shot
Al-Hasani carried the ball and then shot it from a distance, but it wasn’t accurate, so the ball flew over/next to the top left.

say 19
Gavric gets the ball and then provokes Fortune, who stands alone against the Russians but can’t take advantage of the ziccer.

14 corner
Marin made a great pass, but it almost became a goal for Marco.

12 bullets
Zubkov tries one from a distance, but it goes a long way.

10 Javrik!
Lunkar gives a good pass to Zeljko, who targets the long bottom after a good trick, but the turn goes to his side.

7 ′ home corner
We blocked a shot—it was caught small, then Zick started and fired, over and over again.

5 ′ corner
Civic tried to put Marin’s syringe on him, but he broke it, and in the end it was developed by the locals – Marin closed it, but they also developed it.

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1, the match started.

14:44 The home team is yellow, we are green-black – Momo is the captain of today’s match.

13:35 Team of the day: Bogdán – Wingo, S. Mmaee, Dvali, Civic – Loncar, Besic – Zubkov, Marin, Gavric – Bassey
Exchanges: Szécsi, Zachariassen, Sigér, Easter, Auzqui, Marquinhos, Redzic, Flour

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