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“Live in a clean lung!” The campaign has begun


“Live in a clean lung!” The campaign has begun

Korányi National Institute of Pulmonology Photo:

August 11, 2021

The work, created under a strategic agreement between the Korányi National Institute of Lung Diseases and the Moholy-Nagy University of the Arts this spring, with a focus on health awareness and prevention, aims to show how easy it all goes with a healthy lung.

The short film, aimed at a younger age group, parallels the dangers of extreme sports and smoking. We get acquainted with the actors in a visible place on the Internet and social interfaces; The man who tries all extreme sports and has a healthy lung, and the man who wears the bathrobe, who indulges their different passions in their daily lives. The spot, which symbolically shows the presence and harmful effects of smoking, is depicted in one place, which also symbolizes how close, even in space with us, our smoking friends and family live. spot on this link can be seen.

“Live in a clean lung!” The campaign aims to get people who only smoke to kick the habit how much freedom quitting can bring them and motivate them to quit. The digital and public space campaign is aimed primarily at health-conscious, active, urban youth and adults, and smokers who, despite the importance of physical and mental health, are unable or unwilling to let go of their harmful cravings – all by displaying life situations that smokers themselves readily identify with.

More information about the initiative as well as quitting smoking It can be found here.

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