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Long Katinka: There’s more… Christoph Melak: Go eat and sleep

Horoscopes until mid morning Tuesday with the best time Christoph Melak On a 200m butterfly bike, with fifth behind him as a member of the 4×100 quick-change.

“My song finally started, I was really looking forward to it, I was excited. I got the bow off the podium, and they cheered on the Japanese swimmer.

After the first hundred, I didn’t want to relax, just to see what I was looking for, and what might need improvement.”

Explain his tactics. For the first 100 meters he was still walking with the others, then switched to a higher speed. “I can make up an opinion from what I’ve already experienced. I’m not as tired and sleepy as after the shift, but now I’m going to eat and sleep,” he said before the JST semi-finals.

who will be a member of it Tamas Kandarisi Also, who advanced from second place in his race.

“I couldn’t rate my situation much, but I tried to catch up, I think it was technically good, I’m happy. It’s definitely good to be able to relax, but mid-morning is very close,” he told M4 Sport.

The defending champion of the 200 women’s multi-interest Olympics, Long Katinka, went on to fight herself in the second best time, winning her race.

“Fortunately, it’s been a long time since the 400’s mixed.

There is more to this,

“I’m trying to put it together anyway,” said the hopeful three-time Olympic champion.

The other Hungarian from the song, Dalma Sebastian, didn’t make it, she just had a good time.

Opening photo: MTI/AP/Andrew Medichini

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