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Looks like Dave Filoni was awarded a new Lucasfilm position, which totally upset the internet.

Anyone with a small picture of the current state of Star Wars might not need to introduce Dave Filoni: The filmmaker has stolen the hearts of fans of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels series, and more recently The You and the Mandalorian have pulled off a bad batch, And soon the book Boba Fett arrives, who also participated as a producer.

Many believe Filon is the best thing that happened to Star Wars in the new millennium, so it’s no coincidence that half of the internet has become such a fever. After sharing Reddit, As its author drew attention to the fact that Filoni is now listed on Lucasfilm as Executive Creative Director.

Fans immediately started partying and guessing exactly what this might mean for the fate of Star Wars, but on Lucasfilm, they quickly lightened their spirits with betrayal: They just updated the site. A spokesperson for the company Hard-hitting:

“Dave has been with Lucasfilm as Creative Producer / Executive Creative Director for a long time. All that has happened now is that we updated our website. This in turn will not affect our current and future projects. Dave Filoni is more busy than ever in this distant galaxy.” .

Star Wars: Lucasfilm explains the promotion of Dave Filoni that caused a stir on Twitter
Dave Filoni

So the good news is that Filoni has been in an influential position in Lucasfilm for quite some time, so if it’s too late, you can party …

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