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Looks like they’re selling the old illusion to the British again

The televised debate between Liz Truss, the UK’s foreign minister, and Rishi Sunak, the former chancellor, has raised the political battle for the Conservative Party leadership, and at the same time over the tenure of the country’s prime minister, to a tougher level than before, it was revealed before financial times from his report. The former finance minister was confident in his ability to demonstrate his competence – as well as the incompetence of his debating partner – in matters of the economy to the public. He would have needed this badly, because his Secretary of State is more popular among the 150,000 party members who will soon vote on their fate.

According to a quick survey based on a poll of thousands of people, Sunak won the debate by a slim margin — 39 percent of respondents saw him and 38 percent saw Truss as better — but Truss won the election by 47 to 38 percent among Conservative voters. Generally. Opposition Labor Party voters preferred Sunak.

quiz “Mathematics”

Sunak immediately went on the offensive, repeating his old claim that if Truss came to power and kept his promises to cut taxes, he would push millions into poverty, and interest rates would jump due to borrowing to finance lost state revenue, which would wipe him out. Economy. In the heated debate, in which he interrupted his opponent several times, he claimed that the tax cut scheme would force the British state to borrow 40 billion pounds sterling (a quarter of Hungary’s GDP).

Truss made an old but almost incorrect argument that his tax cuts would boost economic growth. He accused his debate partner, who has been the head of the finance ministry for the past two-and-a-half years, of doing nothing to spur growth. According to a Tory politician, the Secretary of State is trying to sell herself as the heir to the legendary Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who resonates well with Tories in a conservative (not, say, centrist) mood.

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negative campaign

The campaign also began to be colored with negative elements. Culture Minister Nadine Dorries, a Truss supporter, recently discriminated between the candidates on the grounds that Sunak wears clearly expensive suits, while Truss earrings are simple jewelry that can be bought anywhere. The Foreign Secretary also confirmed that while attending public schools, the former chancellor had been educated in the education of the British elite. The latter responded by saying that he does not apologize for the high costs of his education being incurred by his parents.

Sunak is accused of being one of the initiators of the downfall of Prime Minister Boris Johnson by his resignation as a minister, to which he replied that he had made a decision in principle. Truss remained in the government, which is justified by the fact that Johnson did not commit capital crimes, although if he became prime minister, he would not offer a job to his predecessor. In general, you can count on some kind of “loyalty return” among party members, because you weren’t part of the embarrassment of overthrowing the prime minister.

time out

After the discussion, the situation in which time is running out in Snack has not changed. Tory members can vote by mail from the beginning of August, and while they can change their vote once, the gear advantage is currently too large to beat. YouGov is a polling organization to meConducted among party members, Truss has the support of 63 percent of party election participants, while Sunak supports only 19 percent.

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The partial results are similar. The FM is more liked by 54-35% and more reliable by 51-37%. The former finance minister is seen by a ratio of 43 to 42 as a politician more suitable for the position of prime minister.

inconsistent behavior

Sunak now faces the dilemma of whether to continue his combative behavior at more TV debates and partisan events across the country. He already understood that he had destroyed his opponent with the arrogance of an elite student, which was not appropriate just because of the fact that the latter was a woman.

He has done so much in the days following the televised debate that he is now promising a temporary reduction in value-added tax on high household energy bills – the fact that when the opposition proposed the same in Parliament, he voted against it undermines the credibility of this. From his opponent’s environment, he got the sentence that begins “Well, right…”, which means that he realized that tax cuts were needed.