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Lost Ark will not increase server capacity in Central Europe

  • Cannot be incremented by missing coffin Central European server capacity
  • It is also not possible to add new servers or switch between servers

Despite his flaws, he’s amazing popularity Welcoming the free-to-play MMO ARPG that was launched in the West under the Amazon Games flag just a week and a half ago, missing coffinHowever, the great good is in vain if the servers simply cannot withstand the attack. new In their blog post The developers acknowledged the server issues, but added that unfortunately they can’t do anything about it.


According to them, servers in the Central European region are still running at maximum capacity, and unfortunately there is no way to increase the number of players around the world, nor to add new servers due to the complexity of the systems working together. Although a server from Western Europe was recently set up to bridge saturation, since porting between servers is not currently possible, it is not really a solution. According to the developers, the possibility of switching between servers for the Korean version of the game arrived only recently, and it does not support the regional function, so it is not a solution to the problem of the Western version. So far, the long wait remains.

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