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Lots of games are made exclusive for PS5, and there will be a lot of new games

Half a year has passed since the major generational change in the console, but the problem is the lack of inventory, which we have to account for at least another half a year, and the lack of exclusive games. More specifically, Microsoft sees the big and exclusive titles as a long-term goal, so it has also postponed Halo Infinite (this year) after its premiere that didn’t launch well last year. On the PlayStation 5 front, for example, Demon’s Souls and Returnal could be mentioned, which were bigger than the exclusive games, but we’re still waiting for some really big bangs. There was very good news about the latter.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Mr. Wiredneck He said that things will start dramatically in the summer and production will accelerate and this will continue in the second half of the year, thus returning the situation to normal and restoring the balance between supply and demand. Head of Inland Studios (PlayStation Studios) and Hermen Hulst told Wired that over 25 PlayStation 5 exclusive games are being produced for them and for SIEs, nearly half of which are brand new IP addresses. According to Hulst, there is a lot of variety between them in the sense that they are made in different types and budgets in different regions, so the PS5 game board will be very colorful, you can expect both indie and AAA games, as well as multis titles.

We can also read in the article that yes, Horizon Forbidden West will be released for PlayStation 4 and PS5 later this year as well, so Zero Dawn is scheduled to arrive in 2021. Of course, this will also be worth playing on PS5 due to DualSense, Because studio director Angie Smets says that thanks to the haptic feedback, if we infiltrate the grass, we’d feel the resistance to the vegetation, the leaves would almost touch us as well.

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