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Lots of people watched Squid, sued Netflix by ISP

One South Korean Internet company is not at all happy with the massive success of the domestic series.

Netflix and its success series are being blamed on one of South Korea’s largest internet service providers for overloading viewers and suing the streaming channel, he writes Reuters.

SK Broadband argued that my two Netflix success stories, presented at the end of August, DP And recently it has been a huge success all over the world squid game Due to the significant increase in data traffic, and the demand for bandwidth required for the service, this means very high additional costs for the company due to capacity expansion and extraordinary maintenance work. The company also indicated that Netflix is ​​the second provider after Youtube to generate the most traffic, and while giants such as Amazon, Apple or Facebook pay the extra cost to increase traffic, the two leading companies do not.

Their demands include that Neflix pay the resulting additional costs to May 2018, and the checks submitted are pretty hefty: According to their calculations, in 2020 alone, they had an additional cost of KRW 27.2, or roughly HUF 7 billion, owed to Netflix.

Netflix responded to the allegations in a statement, describing it would investigate the ISP’s allegations, but until that happened, they would continue to serve South Korean users without interruption.

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