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Luka Cusack wins 60 hurdles as a Hungarian reaches a massive peak

Topped by her own Hungarian summit on the 60-meter barrier, Luka Kosak has carved five centuries at her best in the past, which is very encouraging weeks before the World Cup.

Luca Cusack broke her own record (Photo: Peter Kovacs)
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The second day did not pass without a brilliant result at the Hungarian Indoor Athletics Championships in Nyregyhaza, and just as Saturday’s world championship level for sprinter Eliekski Dominic was not entirely unexpected, this time the new National Summit hurdles for Luka Kozak were precedent.

The Debrecen Sports School athlete already set his national peak at 7.97 in Torun on Tuesday, which was four times in the past two years, but he hasn’t been able to improve upon it. Until Sunday! Already in the match in Poland, he could see that he was in great shape, had no opponent in the 60-hurdles national final, reached the finish line with an almost flawless run and one meter advantage, and his time at 7.92 was also a record New stream.

“Our main target is still the world championships in March, but I finished a busy week with this national championship, before that I also started in Liévin and Torun, and I usually get along well when my three races are crowded. I already felt in Liévin that this could be something, and I’m still confident I can run better than 7.97 Luca Cusack told National Sport, who didn’t start the 60m cross-country race at the end, and with his coach, László Suba, they decided to focus solely on the dam. – Still on the job, I’m relieved that I haven’t been able to train much between races at the moment.”

With his time now, Cusack is second in the European standings after France’s Serena Samba-Maella (7.84), and although indoor tournaments are currently being held across the continent, this result is already a great way to think about reaching the World Cup. . last. Cusack won the preliminary matches by 8:20 a.m., which he absorbed even as part of a warm-up and eventually let him go.

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“I put together the final really well, my flat form is fine and technically I can’t complain about the race, even my coach, Lacey from Vienna, was happy with that, which is a big word. The 25-year-old runner added. – Just like in Torun, this time I was cool, my goal was to first hit the first hurdle after the start, and that was the case, but the downside is that I ran on my own, although I like it better on the court because I’m pulling tight better. But I think now at least I can run 7.90, I think my time in Belgrade might be better, but I would be happy with something similar.”

They will train for a week and a half next week, after which they will rest for the Indoor World Championships which begins on March 18th. Until then, there will be no more races.

National Championship Covered Course, New York
2 days

200 m. National Champion: Tamás Máté (FTC, Coach: Pál Karlik) 21.032. Wahl Zoltán (Budafoki MTE) 21.45, 3. Bundschu Patrik (Vasas) 22.02. 800 m. Ob: Balázs Vindics (UTE, e: János Zemen, Dávid Kemény) 1:49.942. Daniel Holler (VSD) 1: 51.27, 3. Jergo Case (SVSE) 1: 51.39. 3000 m. Ob: Márton Pápai (MATE-GEAC, e: Krisztián Gábor Kovács) 8:09.672. István Szögi (SVSE) 8: 09.79, 3. István Palkovits (KARC) 8: 10.53. 60 m dam. OB: Balint Siles (EVSI, e: József Petrovai) 7.752. Dániel Eszes (VSD) 7.90, 3. Olivér Almási (MTK Budapest) 8.00. far. Ob: Galampos Tibor (FTC, e: Kiss Tibor) 749, 2. Dominik Pázmándi (MÁV-SE Szolnok) 739, 3. Roland Gerics (TSC-Geotech) 737. Stick. Ob: Marcell Nagy (MTK Budapest, e: Krisztina Szabóné Molnár) 515, 2. Márton Böndör (AC Bonyhád) 500, Tamás 3. Kéri (Ikarus BSE) 500. 4x400m transmission. Ob: FTC (Tamás Máté, Patrik Enyingi, Dániel Varga, Attila Molnár, e: Pál Karlik, Mária Vágóné Solti) 3:11.882. UTE (Birovecz Ben Jordán, Birovecz Bátor Péter, Szilveszter Marcell, Vindics Balázs) 3: 19.77, 3. SVSE (Takács Dávid, Kiss Gergő, Szögi István, Kubasi János) 3: 21.68.

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200 m. Ob: Molnár Janka (TSC-Geotech, e: Bartha Attila) 12.24.20192. Lily Furolias (Zalazam-Zach) 24.23, 3. Regina Mohay (Arak Up) 24.61. 800 m. Ob: Bianka Bartha-Kéri (SVSE, Anikó Tóthné Stupián) 2: 02.642. Heffner Hédi (BEAC) 2: 08.08, 3. Ohn Kinga (BEAC) 2: 08.50. 3000 m. Ob: Anna Lili Tóth (BP. Honvéd, e: Roland Németh, Imre Berkovics) 9:25.072. Rita Maramarosi (KSI SE) 10: 11.91, 3. Kata Kocsis (FTC) 10: 12.57. 60 m dam. Ob: Luca Kozák (DSC-SI, e: László Suba) 7.92 (National Peak, old: 7.97, Luca Kozák, 2019)2. Anna Tóth (DVTK) 8.25, 3. Gréta Kerekes (DSC-SI) 8.28. Triple. Ob: Petiszt Nyisztor (NYSC, e: Béla Bakosi) 12.812. Viktória ts (TSC-Geotech) 12.72, 3. Léna Karkiss (FTC) 12.28. Average. Ob: Barbara Szabó (MTK Budapest, e: Péter Deutsch, Tamás Somogyvári) 1822. Fédra Fekete (BP. Honvéd) 179, 3. Luca Keszthelyi (MÁV-SE Szolnok) 173. 4x400m transmission. Ob: MATE-GEAC (Simon Virág, Dobránszky Laura, Kriszt Sarolta, Nádházy Evelin, e: Karakas Józsefné, Körmendy Katalin, Máté Alpár) 3:41.492. MTK Budapest (Hanna Répássy, Anna Ferencz, Tamara Erdei, Sára Mátó) 3: 43.34, 2. BEAC A (Széll Gyöngyi, Ohn Kinga, Magyar Júlia, Heffner Hédi) 3: 52.02