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Lukashenko admitted: the Wagner Group really wants to attack Poland

Lukashenko admitted: the Wagner Group really wants to attack Poland

Lukashenko and Putin sat down to negotiate on Sunday, the meeting took place in St. Petersburg.

There was one recently video Also about the conversation, in which Lukasenka clearly states that the Wagner group wants / wants to attack Poland, somewhat justifying the fears in Warsaw, which are justified by the strengthening of the Polish-Belarusian border.

Lukashenka in the registry says that The Wagner Group asked the Belarusian government for permission to “go on a trip” in Poland: specifically in Warsaw and Rzeszow. Warsaw is the capital of Poland, Rzesz√≥w is the largest settlement in the southeastern region of Poland.

According to the President of Belarus, Wagner wants to go to Poland because They want to take revenge for the fact that the NATO member country sent a huge amount of weapons to Ukraine, Used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the Wagner Group during the Siege of Bakhmut (Artyomovsk).

Lukashenko concludes his thoughts by saying that True to his word, he kept the Wagner group in the central part of Belarus and did not allow them to attack Poland.

Lukashenko and Putin smile several times during the conversation, so it is possible that the Belarusian president just made up the story to amuse the Russian media or to cause confusion within NATO countries with his remarks.

At the same time, Poland is constantly sending soldiers and armored vehicles to the Polish-Belarusian border, fearing the “destabilizing activities” of the Wagner Group.

Cover photo: Omar Marquis/Getty Images