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Luke and Princess Leia from Star Wars secretly loved each other on set: that’s why they didn’t become a couple – World Star

It is not at all rare in Hollywood that an intimate relationship develops between actors during the filming of a movie: months of work can lead to lifelong friendships and even love.

We know many couples who dream that they warmed up during their joint movie, but there are more unfortunate cases where both parties have not been able to develop their relationship, despite feeling bitter about each other. Fall into this category Mark Hamill And the Carrie Fisher The couple who fell in love while making the Star Wars movies.

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher’s unfulfilled love

The air between Luke and Princess Leia of Star Wars was glowing from the first minute, but that attraction could only be expressed with an off-camera kiss. In 2017, the actor telegraph In his interview, he talked about that particular kiss.

Photo: Sunset Boulevard / Getty Images Hungary

– After one of the shoots, I bragged to him how brilliantly my kissing was. I loved the women’s fascination with this. Then he asked, “What do you mean?” By the time I woke up, we got into a kiss brawl like teenagers – he remembers.

He also explained that this time was enough for them to de-stress, but he just knew that there could be no more between them.

– It’s true that Carrie and I were attracted to each other. But in my previous job, I experimented that mixing juice with a colleague is not the best idea. If we had become an official couple, this would have been a complete job for me, a commitment for an entire day. After all, it would have been too much for me in every way. She was more creative than me and smarter: the ideal woman.

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But it was not only the actor’s fears that hindered the relationship, Fisher’s relationship with Harrison Ford also caused problems for lovers. At the age of 19, the actress was having an affair with her then-married co-star, but revealed in her 2016 memoir The Princess Diarist that she regrets not starting out with Hamill.

Hamil Fisher

Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images Hungary

“I regret that I didn’t choose Mark, even though it could and should have been. It could have been easier and meant something, maybe not so much, but definitely more of a relationship,” said the actress.

In the end, the two stars put their physical attraction aside and became best friends. According to Hamill, Fisher later became his brother.

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