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Lulu Lakatos has been arrested –

A woman named Lulu Lakatos pretended to be a gem expert and stole a diamond worth 4.2 million pounds (1.75 billion forints). The 60-year-old thief is from Romania but lives in France, so he went back to the Boodles diamond shop in central London in March 2016 to “check” the gem his partner, Simon Glass, wanted to buy.

Diamonds are worth a lot (Illustration:

They agreed with the Boodles’ boss to buy seven diamonds: among the £4.2m worth of gems were a 20-carat heart-shaped diamond worth £2.2m and a pear-shaped pink diamond worth £1.1m.

The “buyer” sent a diamond expert named Anna to the shop to examine the gem. Played by Anna Lulu Lakatos. The lady was escorted by the Boodles’ boss and the company’s expert to the store’s basement meeting room.

The woman examined and weighed the seven diamonds, then placed them in a sealed bag that is kept in the store until the money is transferred. But according to the prosecutor, Lakatos put this bag in his own bag, leaving an evenly closed bag.

I left London by plane. He was arrested in France last September under a European arrest warrant before being extradited to the UK. Criminal proceedings continue.

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