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Macron’s eyes are open: new waves of immigration threaten Europe!

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that the volatile situation in Afghanistan may have the effect of other waves of migration to Europe. For this reason, France, along with Germany and other European countries, is taking the initiative to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response to the migration challenge with the help of transit countries.

Macron stressed that France will continue to provide protection for the most vulnerable and will play its role in an orderly and equitable international distribution of burdens. The French head of state called for solidarity and harmonization of refugee protection standards.

Armed Islamist groups will try to take advantage of the turmoil in Afghanistan

Macron said in a televised address.

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is a challenge to international peace and security against a common enemy. France will make every effort to work effectively with Russia, the United States and Europe to advance their common interests. Macron urged the Security Council to provide a common and united response.

The French president said that France will continue to fight Islamic terrorism, and Afghanistan can never again become a haven for terrorists.

Macron said:

The French authorities are now working to secure French citizens in Afghanistan,

And the Afghans — the translators, drivers, chefs, and more — who once helped France.

He added that nearly 800 people have already been taken out of Afghanistan, but many of them are left behind, and they are working hard to evacuate them.

The French president said that France is currently under the protection of the representatives of the European Union in Afghanistan, as well as the Afghan assistants in the European Union mission.

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