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Madonna’s daughter made a shocking confession, so she ran away from her mother – Metropol

The 24-year-old model, Lord Lyon, Madonna His eldest son was not the first to tell reporters about his childhood, but in all honesty, perhaps never before, when he revealed why he wanted to stand on his own two feet at the first moment, to be independent of his mother, Madonna. . According to his confession The singer had an opinion on everything, and her children didn’t have her will – writes Daily Star.

(Photo by Angela Weiss/AFP)

According to Lorde, Madonna is a control freak, She tried to organize all areas of her daughter’s life, forcing her to attend ballet lessons, and also insisted that the girl train herself in several directions at once because the profession does not provide sufficient financial security. However, Lord was already making enough money after graduating from high school to pay for his private studies as well as housing, so he didn’t hesitate: She immediately moved away from her mother and got back on her feet and created an independent life for herself.

Although the strict Madonna tried to dissuade her daughter from modeling, Lorde said it was a very wise decision for her to choose this profession that she enjoys so much, and doesn’t care at all because it only leaves an imprint in people’s minds. Her looks, as her mother claimed.

Lord Leon Madonna and Cuban Actor, Carlos Leon Born out of a relationship.

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