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Magicka’s announcement of Balaton Sound is very bad news (video)

The rapper announced the sad news to his fans, many of whom were waiting to watch Majka perform live.

Majka was not bursting with joy in her video, which is understandable, as they expected and prepared to delight the audience with a huge party in Balaton Sound, one of the biggest festivals of the year, with the show, the spectacle, and the beautiful atmosphere. Genuine quality is guaranteed to entertain.

A huge crowd of fans of Majkas, they managed to move a lot of people around the festival, but a storm intervened. As the rapper said, the organizers didn’t let them go on stage that night, so they couldn’t do anything.

There is only one reason for this, and that is the coming storm, which makes holding the concert unsafe, so it is understandable why the organizers made this decision. Majka added that a storm was approaching, making it unsafe to be in the tent.

Everyone is very sad, including Nika, who also appeared in the video. It is understandable, because they did not expect it, but weather reports have already indicated that cooling is expected and that stormy weather may develop in some places.

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