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Male and female Emmy categories are not enough for LGBT activists

Actors with non-binary gender identities are protesting that the Emmys are presented in two separate categories for males and females, and more people cannot recognize this, according to international news agency V4NA.

Non-binary actors (that is, neither female nor male) protest that the Emmy Awards are also categorized by gender. He considers himself a non-binary gender identity Kate Dillon They also expressed concern about it, noting that there are actors who do not consider themselves male or female.

Kate DillonSource: Getty Images via AFP / Slaven Vlasic

If, in the context of an award ceremony, we have to face the fact that there are only male or female categories, then I’m notDillon said in an interview with NPR. The 36-year-old actor also embodied a non-binary man in the movie Billions. It’s been trying to draw attention to eliminating gender categories for years, and there are times when it works: Since its call for Best Actor for 2017, the MTV Movie & Awards hasn’t created a separate category for women and men.

And last month Dillon asked the Television Academy that organized the Emmy Awards to review why gender categories exist.

The Academy of Television celebrates inclusivity, and Dillon tells us that we don’t differentiate between men and women in categories belonging to different artists. Dillon and other non-binary actors choose the category he wants.” The Academy wrote in its response.

However, the Emmy isn’t the only awards program that has yet to offer a non-binary category: In the case of the Oscars, actors are also discriminated against on the basis of gender. By the way, the actor who has already received an Emmy nomination is a transgender actor: Laverne Coxnominated four times, Ren Valdezt once. This year is transgender MG Rodriguez He received an Emmy nomination in the Star category.

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