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Manchester City beat Real Madrid 4-3 in a great match

Manchester City struggled with Atletico Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals and could only score one goal in 180 minutes to advance. In the semi-finals, the other Madrid team, the league leaders, Real Madrid scored two goals after 11 minutes.

In the second minute, Mahrez played himself clean, then gave from the right to the middle, and Kevin de Bruyne bypassed Carvajal and headed forward from a distance of seven meters to head the ball to the right of the goal. Courtois was still inside him, but he couldn’t save it anymore.

In the 11th minute, the English player positioned himself on the other side, De Bruyne hit the ball, Gabriel Jesus of Brazil, who scored four goals in the last tournament, moved away from the reluctant Alaba, and found himself a big zigzag, looked up and calmly passed to the left of the goal from six meters .

Gabriel Jesus hits the net – Photo by Ole Scarf / AFP

Real Madrid have never been so unfavorably fast with two goals in the history of the Premier League.

Had Mahrez focused more in the 26th minute after rushing to the right and taking a shot, he could have shocked the Spaniards even more. He shot into the short top corner, but his ball fell into the side net. Guardiola never disciplined himself, and after a series of offensive runs he was too tired to help with defensive play. Three minutes later, he put Mahrez in the middle, and De Bruyne played Foden, who ran over the edge from the middle of the half-court, with a perfect pass, and his attempt to leave from eight metres was short.

Even if Real Madrid had less chance at this point in the match, it was because of the ball that was scored in the opponent’s half, which showed that the home team’s defense was not stable. It’s only been half an hour since Benzema, this time playing agility, wrestled to a corner kick, even hitting the small side, turning the ball into the middle as Alaba arrived and slipped, fouling the goal by 30 inches. As far as Foden on the other side.

In the 33rd minute, Real got the ball again, and Modric passed to Mendy, who sent it to the middle, Benzema put the ball into the net from a distance of 10 meters, and touched the post from the net. The French striker is playing superbly, and this was his eighth goal in the relegation phase.

The list only supports it, we saw an extraordinary rhythm and high level, although tight defense was a lack on both sides, but this was regretted at the most by the coaches, not by the spectators to say the least.

Real Madrid woke up, City had to be substituted, Stones could not stand it, Fernandinho was forced to the right side of the defence. City still struggled with situations, and despite Guardiola’s side leading 2-1 during the break, the players walked into the locker room somewhat disappointed.

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No longer returning to the field from the rest, the Austrian defender was completely uncertain in the first half. Nacho took his place in the center of the defense and did not have to wait two minutes for Mahrez to embarrass him. The Algerian player started from the right-back position, pushed him past Nacho, broke through the goal and threw him to the right post. Foden could have taken the rebound, but he fired on the spot and hit Carvajal on the goal line.

In the 53rd minute, Foden no longer made a mistake. Fernandinho got the ball halfway, retrieved it on duress, sprinted to the right, conjured the ball up the middle so Foden didn’t have to jump and nodded into the net from five yards away.

It wasn’t until three minutes before Vinicius played Fernandinho in his own half with a physical trick. Since he was not attacked, he carried the ball into the five corner and, as soon as it arrived, placed it in the left corner of the net.

They were only temporarily brought back by the troops of the pace; After Laporte was saved from Benzema in a dangerous situation in his own net, in the other goal Zinchenko’s ball arrived superbly, but Courtois was in place and hugged the ball for the second time.

In the 76th minute, we saw the referee’s ruling on teaching.

Istvan Kovacs of Timisoara could have given the English free-kick from a good angle after Kroos made a stunning stop and upset Zenkonenko. However, Bernardo Silva did not manage to communicate with her, as his teammates had hoped, and the ball went out. It was a great goal. Courtois later admitted that he, like most players, also waited for the whistle.

Modric replied, his not so powerful shot slithered towards the goal but went beside him. In the 82nd minute, Kovac noticed that Laporte hit the ball with his hand in a duel with the head, and because it was within sixteen, he immediately pointed to the penalty point. The video assistant referee confirmed the correctness of the decision, Benzema was behind the ball, and even if he missed two penalties in a match against Osasuna last week, he put it under the crossbar now with a punch, and the goalkeeper had no chance of error. (Among the semi-final judges, they will nominate who can participate in the final, and this meeting served as a good letter of recommendation for Kovacs.)

City tried to double their lead again, and had a chance, but failed. With next week’s sequel, we really hope we’ll be on a similar level. City reached the finals last year, but a loss to Real Madrid after 2018 could reach the final again.

It is unpredictable what will happen in the rematch, but all that is certain is that every time Real said goodbye to the defending champion, they won the series four times. And out of the Spaniards Chelsea, winner last year in the previous round. Liverpool hosts Villarreal on Wednesday.

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