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Many are still skeptical about online shopping

While only 29 percent of consumers feel secure specifically on the Internet, more than half of them still shop online on the World Wide Web, according to a survey by one of the leading cybersecurity companies, ESET.

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The research found that 57 percent of people now use online or mobile banking more often, and 21 percent are more interested in managing their finances than before.

Eighty-three percent of respondents manage their bank accounts online, and 24 percent use mobile applications exclusively.

39 percent of people specifically feel safe about online banking, with ESET research showing a global trend that banks are ahead of retailers in terms of security and consumer confidence.

77 percent of FinTech users agreed that compared to traditional online banking applications, these applications are easier to use and provide a better user experience.

On the question of where to get information about new financial services and technologies used to manage finances, an “internet search engine like Google” proved to be the most popular answer among survey respondents.

61% of respondents are shopping online more than they did before the pandemic,

This figure is 70 percent among the 25-34 year old. The research also found that 40 percent of consumers expect to buy more than they currently buy. However, only 29 percent said they felt very safe to shop online, and 16 percent said they were not particularly secure or not at all.
The findings highlight that providers need to do more to protect consumers from the threats lurking in them when shopping online, and thus increase their online shopping confidence.

Companies often suffer from data leaks and cyber attacks, as the personal data of their customers can also be exposed,

who may thus become victims of extortion or phishing attacks. It is quite common for criminals, by posting to well-known and trusted companies, to try to persuade users to click on malicious links and provide sensitive information.

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It was particularly worrying that less than a third of consumers felt completely safe when shopping online, said Ignacio Spabato, ESET’s business director. In the consumer segment of Global Research on FinTech (FinTech), ESET surveyed 10,000 consumers about their online shopping and banking habits in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Japan and Brazil.