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Many users complain that the game destroys toxic video cards

A few days ago, after several delays, Amazon’s new video game, New World MMO, was finally launched. However, the game still has an issue as it was in beta during July: it still ruins expensive video cards.

PC build site PowerGPU indicated on Twitter that they had received several emails in which readers indicated that their video card wasn’t working after playing with New World. at the end of summer It turns out thatThe problem specifically affects EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 cards and may be a manufacturing defect. Now, however, users are also complaining about the broken Gigabyte cards too, which are the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Ti cards.

The problem may be, succinctly and succinctly, an unlimited number of frames per second. During the July beta, even the list tends to appear with high FPS numbers. And what is the height of this height? If you don’t lock the FPS, you can definitely jump to the 800 World New World 800 FPS. Therefore, it is highly recommended to limit the FPS to 60. Of course, the truth is that the New World is not entirely wrong. The problems can also be attributed to manufacturing defects in EVGA and Gigabyte, with New World acting more as a “catalyst” in this.

In any case, there have been no major complaints about the game itself, of course there are bugs, and it will withstand a rebalance update over time, but for now, resolving the above hardware issues is a priority. Many people are interested in the game, Steam currently has a new world with the most concurrent users. Anyway, it’s interesting to watch Amazon’s video playback attempts, which now seem to be working. Launching a new MMO is risky anyway, so we’re wondering if it’s possible to replace Amazon’s video game division, after so many failed projects.

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New World was released on PC on September 28, 2021.

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