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Many victims of the asteroid that destroyed dinosaurs have been found

They present the first dinosaur fossil associated with an asteroid impact 66 million years ago.

It is a well-preserved fossilized dinosaur foot and skin remains, discovered in 2019 at the Tanis Fossil site in North Dakota, USA, along with many other discoveries. Scientists say the discoveries of Tennessee can be linked to the day 66 million years ago when a giant asteroid collided with Earth, a catastrophe that led to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. A foot tattoo was made on this dinosaur, the skin of this dinosaur had no data before, but the discovery proves that it was scaly, not feathery. Based on the fossil

The animal’s legs were suddenly torn as there was no sign of disease or bite, and the dinosaur would have likely died on the spot. The remains of fish that inhaled the debris of the collision have also been found in the Tennessee excavations. The findings included the remains of a fossil turtle beveled with a piece of wood, the skins they made, a Triceratops deer skin, a pterosaur embryo in its egg, and a piece of the impacted asteroid itself, MTI writes.

The BBC filmed for three years in Tanis, the documentary David Attenborough It reports on the discovery and also presents a number of findings that will be announced for the first time. Among them, unusual dinosaur steps will also be visible. It is now widely accepted that 66 million years ago, rocks about 12 km in diameter came from our planet, causing another mass extinction. The crash site was in the Gulf of Mexico, about 3,000 miles from Tanis, but the devastation can still be felt here.

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