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Marco: We’ll need more than that

Although starting from the seventh place Max Verstappen Keep second place and bonus point for fastest roll, Lewis Hamilton His drawback with two races before the end of the world championship is only 8 points against the Red Bull rider.

“The rescue went well. There was a safety match in the tournament: If we deal with Max, a mercedes He immediately interacted with Lewis. “Max should have used his tires better, there was little damage to the front wing, but it wasn’t serious,” said Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s chief advisor.

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Starting from eleventh place Sergio Perez It finally closed in fourth place in Qatar. Thanks to Bottas’ reset, Red Bull moved closer to Mercedes by 5 points in the Constructors’ World Championship.

“Without a virtual safety car, Perez might have met Alonso, and our race pace was perfectly fine. A second replacement was necessary to avoid a puncture, and the stakes were very high. We saw that he would have had two more laps on those tyres.”

Marko also covered the checks around the Mercedes rear wing. The FIA ​​is introducing new measurements on the component in question, which Austria says will make Wolff cautious.

“Mercedes got slower during free training because they were forced to use a rear wing that did not bend at high speeds. Their top speed did not differ significantly from the others after that.”

“Because the FIA ​​has the right tools to measure, I don’t think they’re bringing back the flex wing. I can’t imagine taking such a risk.”

The penultimate round of the 2021 World Cup will be the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia on December 5th. Marko is confident that they will be able to improve after performing poorer in the previous two races.

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“We have to win in Saudi Arabia and then the final race that will decide everything that can come. After performing below expectations in Brazil and Qatar, we need to do better in the next race,” Marko said.

Bottas said there was a difference between the two Mercedes cars over the weekend

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