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Margit Bango’s Farewell Party –

Bango Margate He started playing music at the age of 17 and had an on-going career of 55 years. The Kossuth award-winning singer was recently diagnosed with cancer, so she had surgery in October and December, but was already feeling healthy by Christmas. In 2021 beat disease And his daughter reconciliation They haven’t spoken for 9 years.

Margit Bango is retiring permanently (Photo: Piroska)

He’s been excited about his last major concert in weeks, and thinks it was a worthy celebration of his work. Her daughter accompanied her here and they performed a song together. Artists such as Margit Bangó, Nikolas Takács, Attila Kökény, Roby Lakatos, Jancsi Rigó, Miki Csonka, Jr. Lagos Sarkozy.

“I really hope that children will continue to listen after 20-30, because if we listen to Emre Magiar, Bal Kalmar, and the great singers who have been so kind to me, I hope, thank God, that they love me. Of course, you can’t fall in love with gypsy songs and music unless It was made by artists like these.” – Singer A . said for the facts.

Thousands were curious about the farewell party. Soon the mood peaked, and the audience also danced to entertaining music. At the end of the show, Margit Bangó thanked her fans for their love and support over the years.

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