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Marianne Airy: The Nations Betrayed Mandiner

Yesterday’s thinking data was highlighted on Twitter by British political scientist Matt Goodwin from an Ipsos MORI poll published last week in the UK.

“Sixty-six per cent of Britons say the economy is ‘obsessed’ in favor of the rich and powerful. 63% say political and economic elites are not interested in people. 62% say the main social fault line is between the people and elites. And 58 per cent say large parties are Traditionalism doesn’t care about people like them.56% of them say experts don’t understand them.

There should be no doubt that similar results could emerge across Western Europe if a similar study were conducted.

What does all this mean?

According to the liberal interpretation – which is usually far from common sense and actual experience of reality – there is nothing wrong with societies, only populist parties that poison people’s minds with their own conspiracy theories. The problem is easier to deal with if we send people to awareness training sessions and use algorithms on Facebook to erase what they think is inappropriate.

The difference between the elite and the average person has also been highlighted by the scandal surrounding Barack Obama, the former US President’s 60th birthday party. While the friendly press celebrated the politician who hosted the huge party with gusto and excited to report on the respect shown by the celebrity, there is a lot of outrage on social sites and the conservative press. Many commentators aptly pointed out, not to provoke the liberal democratic elite and the press, that Obama’s party was cracking on the dance floor, while the average person would have to give a mask to their little boy as well.

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The solution is not to silence the problems and silence the critics. People want their legitimate concerns answered so they can speak to them clearly. That’s why the American liberal media rages about Tucker Carlson’s visit to Hungary, and that’s why American television viewers have praised thousands of Hungarian prime ministers. Moreover, this is why the Conservative European Renaissance has a future and a role to play.”