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Marianne from the village did not wait any longer, she finally told the truth

The big secret on RTL Klub’s show, Marian Valusi tells.

In the season-ending episode of The Big Number, Marianne Valossi and Levente Baloge sang the slogans that define their lives. Marianne Valossi shared a family secret with the production crew, showing them their home on Lake Balaton, where they had never been to camera, and also telling them about her father’s death and the loss of her partner. He also mentioned how Pa-dö-d was formed.

Peter Shearer showed how he shot the university - video

Peter Shearer showed how he shot the university – video

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For the first time, Leventi Balogh posed in front of the cameras with his three daughters. He told me what his father taught him, but he also told me that he always wanted to be an Olympic champion, nothing else. He shared the story of his disappointment with the Big Number staff, and also showed the remains of Louis Figo that he kept.

Below we have compiled the most memorable moments from the broadcast.

Valusi Marian

Marian village a large number! Hallelujah (Miklos Fay)

Marian Valusi sang Halleluja in Hungarian for the first time in nearly a decade. The audio version was made for him by pianist Peter Saric, who performed with him regularly. The Hungarian script was written by Marian’s friend, film critic and former member of the Csillag Születik jury, Miklós Fáy.

What is the relationship of the Marian village to Emperor Leopold of Habsburg?

Marianne Falussi visited her vacation home on Lake Balaton, where she had no staff yet. The coat of arms of the Falossi family came out of the vaults, because Marianne came from a noble family. As a child, his name was written in s and y, but no trace of it can be found now. why? It turns out from the video!

After nearly 40 years, Marian Felossi is back to where she has not been since her father’s death

It has been nearly four decades since Marianne Valossi visited the house in Pest where she spent most of her childhood. Then, after his father died, he decided not to return there; Now make an exception for the sake of great number employees.

Marianne Velosi’s partner ended her life 21 years ago due to a misunderstanding

Marian Valusi let Great Number employees into her home in Szentendre, which she shares with her dog, Peti. The singer also spoke about the tragedy of 21 years, when her former love threw himself from Arpad Bridge due to a misunderstanding.

Marianne Falussi was a child

Marian Velosi also sat on the bench at his elementary school with classmate Laszlo Szatmare. The guy also revealed that he wasn’t only around for the sake of the little girl with beautiful blonde hair, but also for an entire class of boys. The actress also visited her childhood home by the Big Number staff, as her old neighbors revealed the type of baby girl Marianne Falussi.

At the request of Gabor Presser, Marian Valusi and Gerge Lang met for the first time

Gabor Presser was the musical director of comedy theater 36 years ago and found Giorgie Lange and Marianne Falussi while preparing to perform The Little Shop of Horrors, who have since become an inseparable pair. But who invented Pa-dö-d?

Balogh Levent

Levog Balog a large number! Bo (Republic)

Levente Balogh has performed Pooh multiple times at company weddings and parties. This song reminds Leventi of the same young entrepreneur who accompanies Emre Rakonkzai on the piano.

Levente Baloge first posed in front of the Big Number crew with cameras with his three daughters

Leventi Balogh and his daughters have never appeared in a show, protecting them from the crowd, at least not charging them anything. With his three children born from his first marriage, they welcomed employees of The Big Number into a family estate near Kecskemét.

Levente Baloge spoke of his first disappointment in love

During his school years, not only sports and learning, but also love, he found Levente Balogh, which had an unfortunate result. why? It turns out from the video!

Levente Baloge also guards the Luis Figo field in the world of mineral waters

Lots of relics can be found in the world of mineral water Baloge Livente, one of which is Luis Figo Miz. The athlete worked for the businessman for two years, and was the first international star to appear in Hungarian advertisements.

Levente Baloge wanted to be an Olympic champion and nothing else, but instead he became one of the richest people in the country.

Few know that Levente Balogh was a national athlete until he was 17, but he was not taken to the European Championships for reasons beyond his control. The businessman first spoke to the big number crew about his shattered dream.

This is what his father taught him, one of the richest people in Hungary

Levente Baloge inherited his temperament from his mother and his perseverance from his father, and also learned from his father that every fortnite and every success in life should be appreciated. So they go with Dacia.

Therefore, Giorgi Korda and Clary Balaz do not have a common childTherefore, Giorgi Korda and Clary Balaz do not have a common child

Therefore, Giorgi Korda and Clary Balaz do not have a common child

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