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British Pound pounded to 10-month lows after inflation data

Great British Pound Currency
The British pound fell almost 1% and hit a daily low of 1.3011 against the dollar on Wednesday after worse-than-expected economic data figures. The...

Bitcoin Bounces

Bitcoin has made a comeback in recent days on the back of recent bullish news and increased optimism over digital coins. The currency, which...

GBP/USD – British pound higher despite higher UK deficit

Great British Pound Currency
The British pound has steadied on Friday, after posting losses for most of the week. In the North American session, the pair is trading...

UK wages in focus as Carney speaks at Farnborough

Mark Carney
Financial markets appeared to shrug off yesterday’s warnings from the IMF that the global growth story was in its final furlong, and that investors...


Why Geopolitical Issues Should Matter to Traders

Donald Trump
There are many factors that influence the price movements of financial assets. For example, a hawkish Fed may lead the dollar higher while better-than-expected...

Everything You Need to Know About the Trade War

The talk around the financial markets these days is about a trade war. The talks started when Trump announced plans to impose heavy tariffs...

The Future of Cryptocurrencies

In 2008, the global stocks markets unraveled. The markets which previously seemed unstoppable fell like a cliff. The market crash was attributed to the...