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Marvel Snap will be a collectible card game

Several Hearthstone Blizzard veterans left years ago to set up their own studio. Their first game will be Marvel Snap, where we can collect the iconic Marvel comics heroes in the form of a card.

Ben Broad, who has overseen Hearthstone from the start, left Blizzard in 2018, and along with some veterans as well, founded a new studio called Second Dinner. It was already known that they were working on a Marvel game, but today it turned out to be quite accurate. Marvel Snappel doesn’t stray too far from the Hearthstone experience, as it will also be a free collectible card game.

In Marvel Snap, as in most of his teammates, two players battle each other, but what Brode says will be a real novelty is that they won’t be alternate circles, posting their cards nearly simultaneously. There will be a deck of twelve cards (to make the game diverse but fast-paced), and they can be categorized by the famous characters of the Marvel universe. For starters, you will find more than 150 characters in it, which you can also get in a variety of drawing styles.

The game is mainly for mobile (closed beta is only available on Android devices to apply), but it will also appear on your PC.

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