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Mass Effect TV series can be made

The adaptation may appear in Amazon Prime offers.

Unexpected news for fans of the fourth Mass Effect game, guaranteed to wait for years, final date As far as it knows, Amazon is very close to acquiring the rights to make a TV series adaptation of the game series. If the project materializes, it could become available exclusively on Netflix competitor Amazon Prime.

Mass Effect: Legendary EditionSource: EA / BioWare

Not knowing more about the project yet, the head of Amazon Studios declined to comment on the information. However, Jennifer Salk said that the fictional genre is currently getting a lot of interest within the company, with a dedicated team working on a variety of current and potential projects with their partners, so many of these internal series can be expected from the company in the future.

There has been an attempt to tackle Mass Effect before, and in 2010 Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. on the rights to her photography, but nothing came of the idea. Mac Walters, Bioware Project Manager to me One of the main reasons for this was a creative problem: it was not possible to figure out how to make a decent movie out of it in 90-120 minutes.

He believes that the episodic series is more in line with the game, which is understandable given its complex and rich world.

Finally, it’s interesting that Henry Cavill, star of Netflixes series The Witcher, revealed some sort of Mass Effect secret in an Instagram photo in February of this year, but it’s unclear if this has anything to do with a potential Amazon adaptation.

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