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The updated 8-bit series of Itagaki Tomonobu became a masterpiece with the first episode. The question is, has Ninja Gaiden’s star status been maintained over the years?

Of course jaden ninja The name has yet to take off on the Nintendo Entertainment System, but few of us remember the action platformer game of nearly impossible difficulty. Instead, the cutting series is a jumpstart for many: A jaden ninjaGames from Xbox to PS Vita have appeared on quite a few platforms and it is time for the story of Ryu Hayabusa to come out again. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a new episode because Team Ninja has been busy settling the Nioh franchise lately. Instead, one arrived Masters collection Spinning historical summary.

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This wouldn’t be a bad thing for fans either, as games are almost inaccessible on modern hardware. You probably only know X, thanks to backwards compatibility jaden ninjaSo there is a legitimate need for a bootable version to appear in future proof builds as well. Let’s prove it to the purists: here we don’t get the original core games, but sigma and the blade edge Turbocharging expenses. And like the old arcade game collection, for example, it fits in the original ROM plus later “turbocharged” Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection It can not line up all possible variations – it reaches the latest versions simply noble.


Let’s also line up what is waiting in the package: a jaden ninja (sigma) is the original. It’s amazing how well the game, which was originally turbocharged from the X to the PS3, has been to this day. Of course, the basics really take us back to the PS2-X era, so the track structure, menu system, and other details can seem pretty outdated. But work that requires bitang feedback and subtle game mechanics work together like a Swiss watch. The sequel has been updated a bit, but it left out the basics. I was first introduced to this at the time, so the nostalgia had a growing effect on me. However, it was interesting to see how intertwined the first two parts were in terms of structure, content and shape. Even if the development of the situation is, of course, achievable in Part Two – no one can say that Team Ninja didn’t try to catch up.

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The third episode plagued many because of the loss of focus. I’m guessing that by this time the medication had really worn off and they’ve gone in a slightly over-the-top direction, overrated with anime – but to today’s eyes, it just doesn’t look so drooly anymore. We might have been expecting something else at the time. As part of the set, I’m finally going to push this part too, especially since it’s the shorter episode. And before going into the technical evaluation, I will note here that the third game does not look modern even today. The jaden ninjaThe series couldn’t have become so forward-looking in the era of the X360-PS3 that would eventually escape the series into the future. The boundaries of the era are felt, and they are more elongated today than jaden ninjaThey ate from a previous generation and were considered really progressive games out there.

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Technically, I didn’t have a particular problem with the Xbox Series X, but I didn’t find anything impressive. The trio is clearly a set of code that runs on a modern machine – there’s a bit of an update on offer. In fact, I think the menus use 720p assets, so the HUD elements and other details will be pretty eye catching on modern 4K TVs. On a PC, the situation is worse because there is no other option besides the three fixed resolutions (720p, 1080p, 4K). In addition, you have to put the games in full screen mode so that you have to click the fun full screen screen on top of Windows after starting in the window. Fortunately, the game runs with much weaker irons than the official machine requirements, so there will be no complaints about speed (not even on the console). Switchen alone slows down gameplay.

a Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection So it is nothing more than a rewritten package of current systems that feed on ancient virtues. We don’t get many innovations, although Koei Tecmon has at least packed the extended versions. That’d be enough for a 75 percent score, which is mostly recommended for consoles, just cut to a PC if you don’t mind the title taking you back to the end of the 2000s in terms of console ports as well.