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Matti Garay does not go to Mary Tureek’s funeral – that’s why

Matti Garay misses his grandmother’s funeral because of a TV show.

Matti Garay misses his grandmother’s funeral because of a TV show.

soon Survivor Which new season is in According to Blake Matti Garay is also a competitor. The newspaper knows that the contestants for the show in the Dominican Republic are not far away Marie Turi ماريek dies They have traveled before.

As it turns out, Matti Garray doesn’t give up on the show, remembering his grandmother on the outside.

Matti Garay

Regarding the news, Blikk contacted the RTL Club, and a response was received:

Soon on Focus Show we’ll reveal which celebs are hitting Survivor. It could easily be one of the names mentioned above among the players – Books for the Marketing and Communication Directorate of RTL Hungary.

Secrecy surrounds the funeral

Mary Torisic Her grieving family is fiercely silent about the farewell, and friends of the three-time Kossuth Award-winning actress, but even the National Theater doesn’t know anything.

Gyula Bodrugi called the family, to no avail

Marie Turesic’s ex-husband, Gyula Bodrugi, approached the family over the phone, but she didn’t know anything either.

She also asked Teresa on Monday, but she said nothing. Let me know, if you know anything about funeral, I’d like to knowAl said Blikk is the actor.

An entire country mourns Marit Turuchik © MTVA Archive

Tamas Jordan doesn’t know anything, either

Unfortunately I do not have information about the farewell, I do not know anythingThe legend’s closest friend said.

Tureshik’s ex-nanny wants to say goodbye, too, but she doesn’t know where and when she can do it.

We loved Mary so much, and we are very sorry that she is no longer with us, and we think about her so much, she misses everyone. We would like to say goodbye to him justly, to accompany him on his last trip, and we hope to have the opportunity to do so, although we have not yet received information about the funeral. Me, the villagers, are so sad, we lit a candle for it, but many of us will be there when we say goodbye to Mary.Said Therese Marr’s nanny.

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