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Maybe you weren’t aware of this Gmail and Google Maps trick

If you are using any of the Google apps on your mobile phone, you will not be aware of this little thing.

Gmail users are in a lucky situation to use the official mobile app quite a bit, they don’t have to look for an alternative, and Google is trying to please not only Android users, but also those who choose iOS. The email client is one of the company’s most used applications, and it is updated fairly uniformly.

As a result, the trick below works in Google Maps, Drive, and other related apps, but unfortunately it doesn’t work on YouTube.

Those who use multiple accounts simultaneously will be able to enjoy it. Switching between these two is not a long process, just click on the profile picture above and then select the account you want to switch to.

However, it is faster to take a profile picture and scroll down to scroll through the accounts.

By the way, it’s been available on Android and iOS since August 2019, and since apps don’t talk about it, surely not everyone knows it. More useful tips will be available soon, in the meantime we recommend Tips Our column!

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