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Mbapp s Neymar glokbl, Messi glpassokok a mesterhrmast

Clermont, who played in the Chamber of Deputies, managed to win the French championship for Paris Saint-Germain and finally 6-1.

The award-winning miracle began at Paris Saint-Germain and the match was practically settled soon. Lionel Messi gave a trophy to Neymar in the 6th minute and Mbabbe in the 19th minute.

The Brazilian did not sympathize with the Hungarian, because he entered the gate with a player from the home team lying on the ground next to him. Mbabbe is less than just a nice lift.

Messi could have had two passes in the first half, but he wasn’t so lucky.

Mbappe gets chrome against ClaremontSource: Agence France-Presse / Thierry Zoculan

Jodel Dossou finished the first round with a great move, which made the match exciting.

PSG bounced back a bit in the second half, Messi dipped in goal as well, but Mbappe got the ball in front of the beads.

Neymar scored a penalty kick in the 71st minute, ending the match.

After more Neymar pass passed, Mbappe got a better pass, and soon after, Messi gave Mbappe a pass.

Paris Saint-Germain finished the second time in 12 minutes, winning 6-1 and leading the tournament with confidence.

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