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McDonald’s has opened a restaurant in another Hungarian city

The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Kisfarda.

Local McDonald’s began implementing its growth strategy in 2019, with new restaurants opening as its pillars (Recently, for example, in Ozd) and re-design existing restaurants in the spirit of the concept of “Experience the Future”.

A new position has also been created in the restaurant in Kisvarda: The Guest Experience Manager’s job is to take care of the comfort of guests, welcome them, introduce them to new tools and help them follow up on new operations.

said Zsolt Égi, CEO of Progress Restaurant Network Ltd. , which operates McDonald’s: “The new restaurant concept is brought to life by future-oriented needs and expectations that will fundamentally change the Mecca experience while at the same time modernizing the McDonald’s brand.” Restaurants in Hungary.

Sustainability was also a priority when designing the restaurant. Depending on the features of the building, the designers sought natural lighting, and LED lights were installed everywhere.

Heat pump cooling and heating also save energy, and heat energy from caloric systems in restaurant cold and freezing rooms is used to preheat domestic hot water. The company said in a statement that for those arriving with electric cars, there are two charging stations in the parking lot.

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