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Meat will be subject to a climate tax on Britons from 2025 onwards

from 2025 will be subject to tax Foods that have a significant environmental impact in the UK and therefore help to keep greenhouse gas emissions in check.

According to the Health Climate Change Association (UKHACC), an organization representing doctors, nurses and other health professionals in the UK, it would be impossible to keep global temperatures safe without changing food consumption patterns.

Therefore it is proposed to impose a climate tax, for example on meat products.

Food production and consumption accounts for 20 per cent of UK greenhouse gas emissions. According to the report, red meat consumption must be reduced by 50 percent to keep production within sustainable environmental limits.

clarificationSource: Mint Images / © Mint Images / Mint Images

According to the organization, most activities aimed at keeping climate change at bay are aimed at decarbonizing energy and transportation, but we should not ignore opportunities related to food production and consumption.

In addition to taxes, the organization has come up with a lot of other ideas to help change eating habits. For example, general information about diets, and reference to a product’s environmental impact on food labels – all in order to promote consumption of foods that are still considered alternatives.

In Denmark they have gone further than these steps. The government has introduced two vegetarian days a week into the state’s diets. But it is also true that he encountered such resistance that in the end only a meat-free menu can be ordered only on a voluntary basis.

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