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Meet Karen Ann-Glamor

Karen Ann is still very young, but with loyal and special pop music, she can actually claim countless world successes over the past year. His videos have been viewed by more than 2 million so far and have dealt with topics like mental health and gender equality, but he has also raised issues related to relationships. Even now, he has been noticed and spoken with appreciation by media outlets such as The New York Times, MTV, Wonderland, or 1883. Perhaps the most beloved thing about Karen is the extraordinary honesty with which she can grasp and convey life’s more difficult topics at such a young age. During her music.

Karen Ann – Lonely Together EP cover

picture: Ondřej Pýcha

“I’m not talking about how to make the world a brighter place or how to get away from normal life. I talk about reality the way I experience it, and I’m not alone with those feelings. I think people need that now, not with easy but meaningless songs, even If only most people were afraid to talk about their true feelings. “ Karen Ann, who found her solace, started to compose the song.

The young singer started writing her record 4 years ago, at just 15 years old. “People might know a part of me through my songs so far, but this recording tells a coherent story that is my story. All songs are linked together, and there are so many topics between them that I would never have thought I would talk about in public. I hope students love the album. I want to build a community, the more people I communicate with through my music, the more I can help and give confidence that I am not alone with my problems. “ Karen Ann continued.

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Hear the record with us first, trust me, you’ll fall in love with this young talent right away, especially if you’re a fan of Billie Eilish or Halsey: