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Megan fought his anger with his storytelling behaviour, but he refused to do so – Metropol

Megan He was famous for being a rule-breaker as long as he was part of the royal family. He finds it difficult to deal with constant media attention and criticism, so after a while the compulsion to comply is likely to be over.

Photo: AFP

But why didn’t Megan refuse? Harry And his wife chose privacy over expectations. Their resistance to compliance was also felt with seemingly small gestures, as Meghan attended Archie’s little baptism at Dior chose a collection, although the royal family likes to emphasize English brands. Only one photo of the christened was shared, although fans couldn’t wait to become a part of the event through the recordings.

Previously The birth did not take place in the usual way either. Having overcome the difficulties of childbirth, Princess Diana or Princess Catherine, instead of a long rest, stood in front of the hospital in perfect make-up and hair, with babies in their hands – he writes joy. On the other hand Archie was presented two days after giving birth At Windsor Castle.

As it turns out, Charles was his king nickname Die: he calls it tungsten, which suggests that He is stubborn and persistent. Russell Myers of the Royal Family According to the reporter Although the nickname is unusual, it actually reveals that Charles recognizes and appreciates Harry’s chosen one.

Meghan has remained strong despite the fact that her behavior has been surrounded by constant criticism. Nor did he dispute the fact that three Kensington Palace employees accused him of harassment. Although suicidal thoughts also plagued him due to loneliness and strict rules, She recovered and started a new life with her husband.