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Meghan has gone too far, she lacks all humanity: ‘disgusting what they do’

Fans and British subordinates were completely annoyed by the news Meghan and Prince Harry Attending the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz. All this alone would not be too scandalous, but they did not appear at the memorial ceremony in honor of the Prince of the Philippines, saying that they feared for their safety. It seems that they even forgot their fears for a star-studded event…

Paul Mackenzie Cummins The PR expert believes that Meghan and Harry have achieved huge self-improvement goals with this. They say they want to restore the confidence of the British, but all their actions testify to the contrary.

Harry and Meghan decided not to attend the memorial service, due to “security concerns”. However, they feel no desire to miss the celebrity wedding as the groom marries the daughter of a billionaire in Florida. Frankly, it’s disgusting. A few months ago, the couple claimed that they wanted to restore the public’s trust. Their actions indicate the opposite. It looks like they really want to live a Gatsby-like life where the media will always pay attention to them and live a lavish life with their influential friends. These couples are unable to feel the state of mind of people and lack all humanity. This, in turn, damages their reputation.” He thought.

“The British, and perhaps the entire world, still remember Queen Elizabeth II sitting alone at her husband’s funeral due to restrictions. Now was the time to commemorate Prince Philip in a way worthy of the royal family’s gathering. But Meghan and Harry stayed away for a saucy reason, they will never forget it, but They can go to the wedding of the son of Victoria and David Bashkam. Just to make them feel like they deserve something too. In people’s eyes, that wasn’t the case for a long time.”

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