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Mercedes is preparing for Bahrain with massive improvements, while Ferrari has chosen a different path

The teams in the Royal Class have already spent 3 days of testing in Barcelona with their new race cars, which of course posed huge challenges due to the completely changed rules. Steam will continue to operate, and the stables will feature a lot of improvements, not only until the season opener on March 20th, but also beyond.

In the Barcelona test, basically Ferrari and the McLaren It looked really convincing, but it would be a mistake to think he was great last season Red Bull And the mercedes He will not be able to flash anything.

“No one pushed too hard in Barcelona. The teams have at least one second left in their arms,” ​​Pirelli F1 team boss Mario Isola told German newspaper Auto Motor und Sport.

The test will start in Bahrain on ThursdayMost teams will, of course, bring a number of new developments to the field. If you can believe the news, Mercedes comes with a very serious innovation package Red Bull was also informed of this, although last year’s builder champion did not want to confirm or deny it.

“Everyone is coming to Bahrain with new parts. In the first two races, everyone will be full of energy!” say the Germans. “And the biggest improvements are usually those that can’t be said from the outside.”

Photo: Pirelli

Red Bull may also have a number of upgrades on the car, but AMuS says the team won’t start testing it on Thursday’s opening day, but will put it on the RB18 one by one over the three days of testing.

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“We would like to be able to bring in 70 per cent of what Mercedes makes. Their package will be very important,” an unnamed Red Bull employee told Auto Motor und Sport.

to know Ferrari chose a different path with Mercedes and Red Bullthe words of team captain Mattia Binotto also refer to this: “Our car is basically doing well, as we expected. It wouldn’t be much different in Bahrain. As far as we are concerned, the story will be about improvement for us, about getting the most out of it. No There is still a lot to do!”

Bahrain Test events will, of course, be reported on an ongoing basis here, ie worldwide The second half of the week!