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Merkel and Macron have talked about the spying scandal

In a media briefing following an online meeting of the German-French cabinet, Emmanuel Macron, in response to a question in Paris, said that espionage between the Allies was unacceptable.

Therefore, the French head of state said at the online press conference: “We expect full openness and disclosure of facts from our Danish and American partners.”

Angela Merkel confirmed in Berlin that she agrees with Emmanuel Macron. The Chancellor added that the position of the German government has not changed since the beginning of the “cases” about the NSA, noting that since the beginning of the disclosure of the data collection programs of the National Security Agency, the Allies have been judged and urged for spying on the Allies since 2013. Check what happened.

At the same time, the relevant statement issued by the Danish Minister of Defense is “reassuring” and provides an opportunity for continued cooperation based on trust.

Angela Merkel said.

An internal investigation by the National Security Service (FE), which specializes in foreign intelligence, found that prominent European politicians, including then German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, were monitoring the federal president’s communications. Danish Defense Minister Tren Bramsen responded to the report, saying that “system-wide wiretapping” was unacceptable among the Allies.

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