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Merkel visited Putin –

“There are many issues that also require a personal discussion, so I am sure it is not just a farewell visit to your decision not to run for further elections of Federal Chancellor, but a serious working visit,” Putin told the cameras. door.

He stated that he was in constant telephone contact with his German guest. He noted that Germany is one of Russia’s most important partners, thanks in part to the chancellor’s 16-year rule. As he said, in the trade and economic partnership of Moscow, the Germans are ahead only of China.

Merkel said The dialogue with Russia must be maintained despite the differences.

According to preliminary information from the Kremlin press service Putin and Merkel will discuss the status and prospects of bilateral cooperation and address current international and regional issues. According to the German side, in addition to bilateral relations, the topics of the Moscow talks are the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the situation in Belarus and Afghanistan. There will also be talk of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and Ukraine’s role as a transit country for Russian gas.

With Merkel’s visit coinciding with the anniversary of the day Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny fell into a coma due to poisoning, according to the consensus of many Western labs, it will certainly be a topic in the Kremlin. The issue was not mentioned by the Chancellor in the public part of the meeting.

Before the exchange began, Merkel decorated the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Kremlin Wall. After the talks, the two leaders are scheduled to hold a joint press conference.

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Cover photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (J) holds talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (B2) at the Kremlin in Moscow on August 20, 2021, as published by the German Federal Government Press Office. Source: MTI / EPA / German Federal Government Press Office / Guido Bergmann