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Messi put a penalty kick, but at the last moment, PSG took the win

The European Champions League continued on Tuesday with exciting battles as the series continues from day eight. Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain beat Real Madrid 1-0 in the 94th minute and had a chance to win. In the second round, Manchester City put Portugal Sporting 5-0, practically deciding his way forward in the first round.

PSG, who also considered their last chance to win the next day, welcomed Real Madrid, a 13-time winner of BEK and BL.

PSG have been fighting all season with opponents making a quick counterattack, and Real Madrid are arguably one of the best players in the race. On all sides, there was a big comeback: Spanish champion Karim Benzema, helpless in his former shininess due to the weather, was a top-tier Brazilian Neymar. True, the latter only started off the bench. However, Paris Saint-Germain world champion and two-time European champion Sergio Ramos was unable to play against his former team due to defences. Ramos’ arrival has played in the colors of his good team a total of ten times and won one. Between 2005 and 2021, the World Cup succeeded 101 times in 671 events and provided 41 assists.

In the past, the manager has also moved away from PSG, Carlo Ancelotti of Courtois – Carvajal, Militao, Alaba, F Mendy – Modric, Casemiro, Kroos – Asensio, Benzema, Vinicius Jr. started with eleven mg of Pereira – Di Mara, Messi, Mbappe began the vote of confidence.

Karim Benzema is back after a monthSource: Agence France-Presse / Frank Fife

The balance of the two was equal before the match, the French won three times and the Spaniards won the last time, most recently in 2018, when Real Madrid did not win the English Premier League title.

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On Paris Saint-Germain was more active, in the second minute after the surrender of Mbappe, Real’s attack was the oldest shortly after LC fl. After that, he kept his opponent under the pressure of the local Raisi, and Real could practically not keep up with the cheese for long minutes. Continuity has brought a great deal of conflict, and only a few cases have developed.

The real jformn just fought in the first waveFurres: Noor Photo AFP / Jose Breton / Noor Photo / Jose Breton

On the first trip, Casemiro hugged Paredes from the cold in the morning, a red card based on a video shoot, and the playmaker showed the Brazilian crowd a quick pass.

Real Madrid had no goal in the first round, while Paris Saint-Germain tried six times, although the Frenchman scored only once.

However, it is interesting that in 2014, Real Madrid did not score a few times in the Premier League, and then Dortmund won it all.

After the first event of the event, Braver Courtois started in the second game, Real Belgian goalkeeper Hakimi made a pass, but Mendes, who sent the ball about 27 meters away, called Courtois before the match.

Paris Saint-Germain got a penalty in the 61st minute when Carvaya completely knocked out Mbappe’s control, but Lionel Messi hit her lower left Courtois. The Ballon d’Or classic run ended seven times on 103 offenses and lost 30. He just made the mistake of wearing an award shirt.

Messi was unable to pass Thibaut Courtois again, and missed the penaltySource: Agence France-Presse / Frank Fife

Next, Neymar, who had joined PSG for Fissten, was sent to Carlo Ancelotti Rodrigo and Lucas Vazquez.

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PSG tried to step up the pace and worked out the possibilities one by one. In the 75th minute, Messi puts a free chest on her chest, then just a millimeter down the left corner of Mbappe.

In the 87th minute, Neymar reached the center after Messi’s pass, but he was outside the upper right corner of the goal. Then Mbappe put it on the right side, right next to Mendy, inside the penalty area, but there was no ball in the middle.

PSG still put a lot of pressure on Real Madrid’s gate in the last few minutes, and 94 minutes after Neymar’s corner kick, Mbappe moved down the right.

The French tma world champion this season with all the stickiness at BLG or in the event.

Paris Saint-Germain beat Real Madrid with a last-minute victorySource: Agence France-Presse / Frank Fife

At the time, Real had no choice and PSG took advantage of it.

In the second match of the match yesterday, Manchester City visited Sporting Lisbon Stadium. The Britons lead the Premier League with a confident advantage, while Sporting climbed to the top 2-2 in the extraordinary standings against Porto, currently only in the second domestic league.
Pep Guardiola started with Ederson – Stones, R. Dias, Laporte, Cancelo – Bernardo Silva, Rodri, De Bruyne – Mahrez, Foden, Sterling, Sporting with Adn – ​​Esgaio, Coates, Incio – Pedro Porro, Palhinha and Matheus Nunes, Mateus Reis – Sarabia, Paulinho, Goncalves out.City started the match fantastically, taking the lead from first place. Bernardo Silva put the ball in the middle for Foden’s goal, but Eden played hard, but in a weak position in front of the goalkeeper, De Bruyne rebounded from the baseline and Mahrez, who was in the middle, stopped the shot. Then, due to the two-minute video playing, the player decided to present the gift.

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Riyad Mahrez was successful once in the first round with Bernardo SilvaFurres: Agence France-Presse / Patricia de Milo Moreira

In the 17th minute, Bernardo Silva beat the English champion Rodri. Pep Guardiola’s team did not restore it in continuity, and decided to practically pass the ball, as Foden succeeded in the 33rd minute.

City took full advantage of unstable domestic defenses, and Bernardo Silva finished fourth just before the show.

Sporting had no goal in the first round, as City changed a goal from eight attempts.

The second run continued where the first stopped. Despite Bernardo Silva not receiving a prize in the 50th minute due to a foul, City also won the second in just a few minutes. The heat did not go down well in the past, so Manchester City won with great confidence and practically decided the question of how to proceed.

UEFA Champions League, eighth round, first rounds:
Paris Saint-Germain (French) – Real Madrid (Spain) 1-0 (0-0)
gl: mbab (94.)

Sporting Lisbon (Portuguese) – Manchester City (English) 0-5 (0-4)
gl: Mahrez (7th), Bernardo Silva (17, 44), Foden (32), Sterling (58)