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Metroid Dread celebrates its 35th anniversary with a new story full of puzzles

long-awaited two-dimensionalMetroid 5This fall arrives Nintendo Switch-Re.

Today is a special day for space bounty hunters. He is celebrating today 35. . birthday metroid, a nintendo A franchise, which – unlike a host of other games – will get a new sequel much sooner than we thought earlier this year. the E3 2021 announced through Metroid dread It will arrive this fall Nintendo Switch-r, a Metroid Fusion as a direct continuation. An adventure you can’t miss on such a date! That’s why Nintendo has released a new trailer for the Metroid Dread story full of puzzles and unknowns.

The primer contains a lot of clues Samos Aran For his most loyal fans, who will surely check every frame. What we also realized: that the trailer was not accidentally 35 seconds … the video in question appears to have appeared a few hours earlier than planned, like only Japanese from Nintendo YoutubeIt has been uploaded to your channel and is not public, but only as an “unlisted” video.

“Big N” was likely to share it on their networks this afternoon, so we’ll see if there’s any other surprise besides the Metroid’s 35th anniversary trailer. Metroid Dread, announced two months ago, will be available on the hybrid console from October 8th. Spanish developer mercury vapor studio, which was Metroid: Samos Returns RemakeHe was also responsible.

This will be the “Metroid 5” that fans have been waiting for for years, closing this arc of 2D Metroid history as more chapters await us in the future. We’re still a few months away from hiding behind Samus Aran in the new adventure, but if you’re interested in all the details, don’t miss our Metroid Dread preview!

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