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Metroid Trailer Teaser: The Dread

Next week, we get another preview of the upcoming Metroid game, Dread, which Nintendo has now introduced with a short teaser trailer. By the time Samus reaches planet ZDR, all the EMMI bots sent there will have turned against him.

At this year’s E3, Nintendo took off the veil on the new Metroid: Dread, from which we’ve since gotten marrow gameplay, and we’ve also learned a lot of interesting things about the game’s staunch enemies, the EMMI bots. On August 27, we’ll get another preview of the game, which the game makers will present with a teaser trailer:

Samus arrives on planet ZDR to retrieve the EMMI robots that the Federation of Galaxies have sent to the planet for research purposes, but once the planes reach the surface, they lose contact with them. Even worse, when the protagonist arrives on the planet, the robots recognize her as an enemy, thus becoming Metroid: Dread’s fiercest opponents.

Thus, the longer trailer, which will reveal why it’s in two different armors, is Samus’ arrival at the time mentioned above – and the final game will be released on October 8, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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