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Metzker Viki at DWTS –

These days, many newspapers have dropped it on the Internet Metzker wiki Already a wife – mostly ring on the finger And for this. However, the 33-year-old DJ denied marrying his love, Gabin, known from BSW. The At the press event Dancing with the Stars He told us he’ll be at Lagzi next year, in fact, they’re already so good with his partner that he might even teach them their wedding dance.

Vicky Metzker said she loves to dance and is already looking forward to starting the show and showing off what she knows. He and his partner, Norby, are very extreme, so victory is clearly the goal, of course, knowing that the road is still a long way off.

“I think I’d be very, very, very good friends in Norby’s person, because he’s such a crazy character as me. I didn’t do ballet anyway, ballet and jazz when I was a kid, but now I’m rusting, and I hope Norby takes it out of me” Vicky said, then spoke a little about her love.

“He is so proud of him across the board and said he is looking forward to showing myself that I will be able to push my limits. (…) We will get married next year and we have already talked about our wedding dance by Norby” He said to me.

Viktória Metzker and Norbert Márki (Photo: Szabolcs Vadnai)

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