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Michelic and Tassi also scored points in the first race at Pau-Arnos –

Frederic Vervich won the first race of the World Motor Week Race (WTCR) this weekend in France. Ted Bjork and Gabriel Tarquini could also stand on the podium. Following team Hyundai’s instructions, Norbert Michelisz saw the checkered flag at Pau-Arnos in seventh place.

Norbert Michaels finished seventh in Pau-Arnos (Photo: DPPI)


For the first competition in France Frederic Vervich could have cut him off the edge, Next to him was Thed Björk, and from the second starting line Gabriele Tarquini and Néstor Girolami could see the red lights go out. Michelisz can start from seventh place In the opening race, Pence Boldes was 17th and Attila Tassi 8th on saturday, So they are for both races They could have cut him off from this starting point.

Initially, Vervisch held the first position during Michaels was one place ahead. Despite little contact with Evan Muller, Tassi climbed to thirteenth. Back in the field YAnne Erlacher’s battle ended somewhat ugly Against Thiago Monteiro, as a result of which the Portuguese rider slipped, hit the barrier of the fairway and ended his race. For the duration of the vehicle rescue The safety car was sent to the track.

The safety car completed six laps on the track, unchanged in front on restart. On the eighth lap was one of Zengő Motorsport’s competitors, Jordi Jenny suffered a piercing to the left As a result, he also dropped out of the race. After a lap, another cupro driver, Rob Hof, also went to the pit lane, but He was brought back to the field a few laps later.

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On lap 15, Michelisz abandoned fellow brand Jean-Carl Vernay, who was behind him and fighting for the championship title. The Hungarian competitor is the rest He also took on the role of defender, Finally it successfully retained behind league rival Erlacher.

Vervisch saw the checkered flag in the first place In the opening match for Pau-Arnosi, Björl and Tarquini follow. Michaels came in seventh and Tassi in 12th, so they both scored a few points. Boldis lags far behind, crossing the finish line in 16th.

sequel It’s 12.15 with the second race!

France, the first competition

Frederic Vervich (Belgian, Audi)
2. Thed Björk (Swedish, Lynk & Co)
3 – Gabriel Tarquini (Italian, Hyundai)
4 – Esteban Guerrieri (Argentina, Honda)
5 – Nestor Girulami (Argentina, Honda)
6 – Jean-Carl Vernay (France, Hyundai)
7 – Michaels Norbert (Hungarian, Hyundai)

12 – Tassi Attila (Hungarian, Honda)

16 – Boldis Pins (Hungarian, Zingo Motorsport Drivers Academy)

Driving VK after 11 races: 1. Jan Erlacher (French, Link & Co.) 149 points 2. Esteban Guerrieri (Argentina, Honda) 129, 3. Jean-Carl Vernay (French, Hyundai) 119, 4. Frédéric Vervich (Belgian, Audi) 118, 5 Mikkel Azcona (Spanish, Zengő Motorsport) 113, 6. Santiago Urrutia (Uruguay, Link & Co.) 109 … 10 – Norbert Michaels (Hungarian, Hyundai) 101 point… 14 – Tassi Attila (Hungarian, Honda) 70… 19. Boldizs Bence (Hungarian, Zengő Motorsport Drivers Academy) 9