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Mick Schumacher is back on the pitch after his 370 million crash

Seven times world champion, Michael Schumacher son At 273 km / h lost mailI was judged in Saudi Arabia for the car, which hit a wall and then didn’t move for a few minutes.

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The latest momentum also caused great concern among his loved ones, but the German racer explained why he did not leave the wrecked car immediately.

“I didn’t know if they would come after me, so I didn’t want to get out of the car right away,” Shumi, 23, told Sky Sports, saying she had no serious radio problems due to the collision. .

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“I wanted to reassure everyone, but something went wrong, maybe the cable broke, so I couldn’t use the radio,” said the German rider.

Little Schumet was immediately taken to the hospital, but was released that night. He only complained of mild neck pain, however he had to miss the Saudi Grand Prix on Sunday.

Schumacher’s Haas was destroyed, but the usable part remained / Image: Profimedia

However, in the Australian race this weekend, he could be in the field again, starting with Haas. Although he survived the collision uninjured, his confidence may have eroded, but before the race in Melbourne, the US team boss wasn’t worried about that.

“I think when you get back in the car, you get your confidence back straight away,” said Gunther Steiner, hoping to return this weekend. Meanwhile, it also turned out that despite the million damage, part of the VF 22 that broke into the crack could be saved, so the hull will be used again this weekend.

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Schumacher continues to fight for his first point, finishing 11th in the first race in Bahrain. But his teammate finished twice in the scoring position this year, with Denmark’s Kevin Magnussen taking 12th in the individual World Cup rankings and Haas fifth in the rankings.

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